If my wife does everything I tell her to do, then she’s my child not my wife – Man sparks debate


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Twitter users have shared divergent opinions after a man shared a tweet on the app, kicking against the ideology that a woman must do everything her husband tells her to do.

@ajeromorgan stated that if his wife does everything he tells her to do, then she is his child and not his wife. He went on to state that a control freak cannot build a home.

”IF MY WIFE does everything I tell her to do, then she’s my child and not my wife. That would be “parenting,” not “partnering.” Marriage is a union of two adults with different ideas and opinions. Knowing this has helped my attitude. A control freak cannot build a great marriage”

While some of his followers agreed with him, others pointed out that his ideology is baseless as the man remains the head of the house and should be the one to give directions. Read the divergent opinions below…*


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