“I was not home”- Mum shares condition of daughter after asking her husband to babysit


  • A married woman has called out her funny husband who tied their baby to the back of a mannequin
  • Sharing the video on TikTok, the woman said she stepped out and asked her husband to look after their child
  • Her husband in his defence said the baby was disturbing so he decided to keep the baby on a mannequin

A wife has fumed at her husband for being careless after he strapped their baby to the back of a mannequin in her absence.

In the video shared online, the husband who had strapped the little baby to the life-size doll said that his wife had left him with their daughter and he had no strength to back her.

He gushed over how calm she was on the back of the doll and said he knew his wife would fly into a rage when she finds out.

His wife who shared a video expressed her disapproval and wondered what sort of father he is.

She captioned the clip:

“Just imagine what my husband did to my baby wen I was not at home. What kind of a father are you”


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