We train Individuals for opportunities in global financial regulation – BST Consulting CEO, Michael Oladejo


Let’s start with a comprehensive introduction

My name is Michael Oladejo, the founder of BST Consulting Limited, a Global Regulatory Reporting & Technology firm focusing on helping individuals achieve their career goals within the Financial & IT space. The company also assists corporate organisations with technological solutions within the financial space.

I have BSc in Economics from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University and proceeded to the United Kingdom in 2009 to obtain a master’s degree in International Securities, Investment & Banking at the ICMA Centre, University of Reading, UK.

Shortly after completing my MSc., I joined HSBC UK in 2011. Over the years, I have played a pivotal role in assisting the bank with implementing Basel Bank Capital Adequacy Requirements at the group level.

My passion for adding value to people and institutions gave birth to the incorporation of BST Consulting Limited in 2019. Since then, we have trained several individuals and corporate institutions worldwide on Financial Risk Management (Basel Capital Adequacy Regulations), Business Analysis, Software Testing etc. We have also assisted institutions with data migration projects to cloud technology.

How would you describe the business consulting space in Nigeria, from your experience?

Business consulting in Nigeria is a growing field that helps businesses improve their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve their goals. Some consulting firms in Nigeria specialise in providing services such as strategy consulting, organisational design, process improvement, and financial consulting, among others. Many of these firms work with clients across various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing. The business consulting industry in Nigeria is highly competitive, and firms must demonstrate their expertise and record of accomplishment to attract and retain clients.

BST Consulting Limited has been in the consulting space for over three years. We have provided consulting and professional services to top banks in Nigeria. One of the gaps we are trying to bridge is technological advancement in the financial space.

BST Consulting Limited is domiciled in the United Kingdom. As such, we have come across technologically advanced ways of carrying out day-to-day and much more complex tasks in the global financial regulations space.

What were the greatest achievements of BST Consulting in the year 2022?

BST Consulting Limited’s achievements in 2022 include the launch of our School of Risk Management, which provides a better structure to our training services to corporate organisations and individuals. We also have a scheme dedicated to training graduates and providing a platform for them to kickstart their careers in Financial Risk Management.

Similarly, in 2022, we trained over 70 individuals in Nigeria, 100 from India, and more from other parts of the world, including staff members of Unity Bank PLC, PWC Zimbabwe, Yes Bank India, and IDBI bank, amongst others.

We also carried out a data migration project for one of the top banks in Nigeria, enabling them to generate their CBN reports in about one hour compared to the many working days it took to generate the reports.

Having worked with top organisations in Nigeria, what inroads/plans are you making for 2023?

In 2023, we will continue to train corporate organisations and individuals on Global Financial Regulations and other related fields.

We recently launched a complete course bundle. The bundle covers global financial regulations, business analysis, software testing, business intelligence, and programme management with applications within the financial industry. Our training programmes are relevant to people who want to upskill or make a fresh start. It is also an added advantage to people who intend to relocate as they will be ready for the market in other countries.

Also, we have created a graduate scheme specifically for Nigerian graduates interested in building careers in Financial Risk Management, Business Analysis, Software Testing, and other fields in the financial industry. Our graduate scheme programme will get them job-ready in five months, and we will then second the best participants to work with top banks that are our partners.

Furthermore, we will love to introduce banks in Nigeria to technologically-advanced and better approaches to carrying out their operations.

How long has BST Consulting been involved in training and why?

BST Consulting Limited officially launched in 2019, starting with training individuals in the United Kingdom. However, as the lead trainer, I have been training people in software testing, global financial regulations, business analysis, and more since 2011. Our courses are certified by the CPD Certification Service, United Kingdom.

What drives your passion for youths and learning?

My interest in training people originates from the opportunity I came across when I relocated to the United Kingdom. There are a lot of opportunities in the underutilized and undersaturated industry of global financial regulations. I have seen many youths come to other countries for a better life. They end up with menial jobs because they are unaware of the opportunities available or cannot afford to take training from other institutions.

So, I decided to start a company that specialises in introducing people, especially youths, to the opportunities in this space and training them. That is why BST Consulting Limited has a course that adds real-life work experience. Our students can participate in our ongoing projects with top organisations and leverage that to get high-paying jobs.

What are the objectives of your graduate training program?

Our Graduate Training Programme is an initiative designed to assist talented graduates looking for a career in Risk Management, Information Technology, and Programme Management within the financial regulatory reporting space. The training will prepare participants for several roles in Risk Consulting, Regulatory Reporting, Business Analysis, Software Testing, and Project Management.

Another benefit of the graduate training programme is the internship and job opportunities. The top participants of the training programme may get a chance to intern at BST Consulting Limited and get a job with a reputable bank in Nigeria.

In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge that young people encounter in achieving their career plans?

There are many challenges that young people may face in achieving their career plans, but to me, the greatest of them is the lack of experience. It can be difficult for young people to break into a field if they do not have any relevant experience.

Therefore, our recently launched graduate training programme and our complete course bundle incorporate real-life work experience. This makes it extremely easy for anyone that takes our training to apply for a job because they possess relevant experience.

We train Individuals for opportunities in global financial regulation – BST Consulting CEO, Michael Oladejo


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