Pat Mcnamara Age, Height, Family, Army, Books and Net Worth


All you need to know about the author and former Delta Force soldier Pat Mcnamara: Nationality, Age, Family, Marriage, Biography, Net Worth, and Career.

Pat Mcnamara Profile Summary

Full Name: Pat Mcnamara
Gender: Male
Profession: Author, Ex-Army
Country: USA
Height: 42 feet 7 inches (12.98m)
Marital Status: married
Married Date: May 14, 2016
Husband Rebecca Mcnamara
Net Worth $1-3 million
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christianity
Education High School

Pat McNamara is a former Delta Force soldier. He is from the United States of America. Pat Mcnamara served in the 1st SFOD-D (Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta) for 13 years. He served in the Army for 22 years.

Pat Mcnamara Biography

Pat Mcnamara was born on January 4, 1965, in New York, United States. He is a popular American author, combat and tactical training expert, veteran of the United States Army and social media influencer. He is well-known for his exceptional marksmanship, accurate shooting, and tactical effectiveness while serving in Special Operations. He is the author of two books.

Pat Mcnamara Height and Weight

Pat stands 5” 11’ tall. He weighs 93kg. McNamara’s hair is brown, and his eyes are blue. Pat served in the Army for 22 years but still works out to stay in shape after retiring.

Pat Mcnamara Net Worth

Pat Mcnamara, as of December 2022 has a net worth of $1-3 million. He made his money by serving in the army. He also runs his training and fitness business. Pat has also written books.

Pat Mcnamara Career

Pat McNamara spent the first 13 years of his career as a Special Operations Delta officer. Officers in Special Operations Delta earn an average annual salary of $64,342 to $73,983. McNamara retired from the premier hostage rescue unit as a Sergeant Major. During his 22 years in the Army, Pat have made a good living. He spent the majority of his life in the army.

On Joe Rogan’s podcast, McNamara also made an appearance. After leaving the army, Pat founded his training and fitness company, TMACS, (Tactics-Marksmanship-Adventure-Concepts-Security). He has also created an excellent training system and taught tactical applications courses. Tammy Duckworth and Martha McSally are both well-known United States military veterans.

In addition to serving in the Army, Pat has written two books. He released his first book. T. A. P. S. Tactical Application of Practical Shooting was the first book’s title in 2008. He released his second book, Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail in 2012. Pat also has a YouTube channel called Pat Mac, where he shares his knowledge of weapons and arms. He also discusses Combat Strength Training, fighting techniques, and basic survival skills, among other topics. He has over 200k subscribers on Youtube.

Pat Mcnamara Wife, Marriage

Pat McNamara is a happily married with his wife, Rebecca McNamara. The couple married on May 14, 2016. The couple has been married for six years. They have no children together. Rebecca works as a hairstylist at Southern Pines, North Carolina’s Bamboo Boutique salon. Rebecca also enjoys playing billiards.

Rebecca is Pat’s second wife. He also has children from a previous marriage, but their identities have not been revealed. Pat is frequently asked about the age difference between him and his but the couple seem unbothered about it.


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